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Our Mission

MLS strives to help each of our students realize their full academic potential by providing instruction in private and small group settings. We work collaboratively with families, teachers, and health professionals to design a program that fits the needs of each student.

Experience has shown us that a student’s success in school builds more success. Therefore, we endeavor to work with students, parents, and schools to produce a rhythm of work and learning, which builds self-efficacy, confidence, and the strength to maximize academic achievement and test-taking.

Our staff, comprised of intellectually flexible educators, is passionate about making a difference in the lives of students. We are grateful for the wonderful students we teach each day.

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What We Do

Group Tutoring

We tutor students in a small group environment, focusing on academic skills, work completion, organizational techniques, and executive functioning management. Students learn what effective study sessions entail.

Private Tutoring

A one-on-one setting is generally the most effective when focusing on specific subject areas and/or homework assignments. Students hone academic skills while working with tutors who are attuned to the student’s learning style and needs.

Personalized Learning

We help “distance learners” navigate online and homeschool courses by providing one-on-one instruction and organizational support. We also help match prospective distance learners with programs that fit their needs.

Standardized Test Prep

Students are prepared for gateway standardized tests through an individualized prep program that aligns with each student’s unique learning style and goals. We prepare students for the SSAT, HSPT, ISEE, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE and AP exams.

College Search and Application Support

Finding the right college is often more difficult than the application itself. We guide students through the entire process, from college search to application submission. We help students develop a list of schools based on wants and needs, determining which schools are “safeties”, “reaches”, or “good fits”.

College Essay Support

Students are guided through the process of composing compelling college essays which illustrate the desirable qualities sought by admission committees. The college essay process is also an opportunity for students to explore and articulate their unique interests and abilities which in itself is a validating experience.