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Who are we?

MLS Tutors is a practice designed to provide comprehensive services to students of all ages. Our tutors are highly trained, compassionate, and intellectually flexible educators who work with students in both individual and small group situations.

MLS serves a diverse population of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students at our learning center in McLean, VA. While the majority of our students attend public and private schools in Fairfax County and Arlington County, students also attend schools in Washington, D.C., and Montgomery County, MD, and various distance learning online schools.

We participate in a team approach with parents, teachers, and other support service providers in order to foster an integrated program to maximize student growth.

Our Philosophy

Success Builds More Success

about us 3Our experience has shown us that a student’s success in school builds more success. We endeavor to work with students, parents, and other educational support services to produce a rhythm of work and learning which builds the confidence and strength to maximize academic achievement and test-taking.

about us 2With all the options for tutoring, why should you choose MLS? Quite simply, our system works. We  understand that no two students learn in the same way and we tailor our program to each student’s needs. We work as a team to identify challenges and design strategies for success.