P: 703 356-0780 | 6830 Elm Street, McLean, VA 22101

Tour the Office

Welcome to our new office! We have officially moved in to our new space, located on the second floor of the Carriage House at 6830 Elm St.

Group Rooms

The center of all MLS activity, the group tutoring rooms are where most students can be found at any given time in the afternoon and evening. Traffic flows frequently between the library, computer lab, and main “hub.” Students have access to computers, textbooks, worksheets, and school supplies, as well as the vast knowledge of tutors and other students. Over time, many students have come to form friendships with peers and tutors alike, showing that education is an experience worth sharing.

Private Rooms

When working directly with a tutor individually, students may find themselves in Duchess, Daisey, or Duke … our three rooms lovingly named after Mary Lou’s dogs and specifically used for private tutoring.