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IEP/504 support

One of the most important support services offered by MLS Educational Consultants is assistance for parents in the application for special education or in the design of appropriate accommodations for their children.  The need for and the process to receive support services in schools can be daunting.  Mary Lou Sullivan and staff act not as a formal advocates, but as knowledgeable resources, advisors, and team members when determining the need and/or designing the most appropriate educational programs for students.

Although the tutoring program includes students of all academic levels and goals, a significant number of our students have a diagnosed learning difference or difficulty, or are in the process of investigating whether or not they have a pattern which challenges their ability to maximize academic performance. The most common issues affecting our students are ADHD, executive function disorder, autism, anxiety disorders, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. Some students already have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504, however, our expertise is extremely useful for students who are struggling in school and are unsure why they are having academic or organizational difficulties.

As one of the first educators in the country to write Individual Educational Plans, Mary Lou Sullivan brings a unique historic and practical view of the goals and accommodations that will support students in daily school performance.  Most importantly, Mary Lou’s interaction with students in the MLS small group or individual programs and the informed expertise of the MLS staff provides a unique and critical perspective on the learning strengths and weaknesses of individual students which can be shared with parents and schools from referral to implementation of any special education or support program.

Given that a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of a student and learning patterns is necessary for such IEP and 504 support, only families whose children are included in group or individual tutorial programs at MLS may access this assistance.