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What is Personalized Learning and Custom Curricula?

The MLS PLCC Program aims to transfer the learning environment from a traditional classroom setting to a customized one-on-one experience at our tutoring center in McLean, VA. Students work with an engaging staff, utilizing a customized and competency-based curriculum. Students have the luxury of time, which means no more keeping up with the herd mentalities. Students progress through the program once they have mastered current concepts. This is the essence of the PLCC program.

Educational Enrichment and Customization

We recognize each student’s learning needs are unique, so we take a collaborative approach when developing their program. We work in conjunction with parents, teachers, health professionals, and academic institutions to develop an enriching education plan that fits the student’s needs and goals.

Programs may include a combination of the following services:

  • Organizational support and academic tutoring for students enrolled in online courses
  • Academic support for students unable to attend school due to medical, behavioral, or psychological reasons
  • Course work to support student-athletes engaged in rigorous training schedules which demand flexible schooling options
  • Structured and supplemental teaching for students taking or retaking coursework for school credit
  • Academic “place holding” for students removed from brick and mortar schools and/or awaiting other placement

How is the Program Customized?

The true value of our program lies in its customization options—it is truly built to fit the unique needs of the student. Before the student’s first day, MLS Tutors works in conjunction with the student’s family, health professionals, and educators to consider the following aspects of the program:

  • The student’s weekly schedule
  • The curriculum to be administered
  • The pace at which the curriculum is taught
  • The manner in which the curriculum is delivered

 Students Awaiting Admission

For students awaiting admission to public or private schools, we coordinate with the receiving schools to ensure credits are accepted. We work to strengthen academic skills, shape positive behavior, and reinforce sound study habits and techniques. In addition, we have the option of including students in a group tutoring environment which adds an element of social interaction.