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Private Tutoring

Individual Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring follows a traditional individual tutoring model. It is a valuable approach to enhancing student performance in specific academic areas and organization. Many factors contribute to the academic difficulties students face. One-on-one tutoring enables students to work closely with tutors attuned to their individual learning styles and academic needs.


Organizational Focus

Personalized tutoring in organization and study skills centers around actual student classes. In organizational private sessions, tutors and students begin by checking an assignment book, Google Docs, Blackboard, and any other means by which teachers communicate with students and parents. Students use these tools to build a thorough list of short and long term assignments. Tutors and students decide on the most effective way to record and complete assignments as well as break up long term projects so the student has a manageable plan for completing work. Tutors and students work together to develop a systematic method of maintaining papers and other materials.