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Summer Programs


For some courses, such as Chemistry and Physics, students will be exposed to a totally new subject which requires a new method of thinking. By beginning part of the course over the summer, students will learn not only course materials, but also how to succeed in the subject during the next school year. This option is quite popular for students taking challenging science courses.


Rust-busting and Skill Maintenance

We believe in the truth of “use it or lose it.” Students want to maintain their hard earned skills in subjects such as math and foreign language, which build on the previous year’s knowledge. By maintaining these skills over the summer, we will help your student transition smoothly into the next level of any subject.


Test Prep

With the overwhelming amount of works that teachers assign these days, piled on top of sports and other extracurricular activities, it is quite difficult to add in preparation for the SAT or ACT. Summer is a great time to get a good baseline score, start learning tricks and tools, and really get prepared for the fall exams.


Credit Recovery and Advancement

Perhaps your student did not do as well in a course as s/he hoped, or does not have the prerequisites for the courses s/he would like to take. MLS can help your student earn the credits s/he wants or needs to put them back on track for graduating with the desired degrees.

Summer Assignments

If your student needs help getting his or her summer work done, we are the team! We have helped students complete these assignments in the past, making sure to review any skills necessary, and are familiar with the type of reading that students will have to do.

Intro to College Courses

For our students who will be going off to college next year, class structures are often very different from what they have been doing for the past four years in high school. By taking apart a class similar to one that s/he will be taking in college, we will introduce your student to the processes necessary to take to succeed in college. We also help students plan out their schedules, and take advantages of the resources available to them at their school. If this option is begun early enough, your student may be able to earn college credit for their summer work to lessen the number of credits required to graduate, or to fulfill some prerequisites. Please inquire specifically if you are interested in your student earning credit.

Intro to College Databases

The level of research conducted in college is much deeper than in high school. We will introduce your student to the resources available to them at the college s/he will be attending, how to access them, and the best way to use them in order to get those research papers done and reduce the number of those beloved one-nighters!