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Our Staff

Mary Lou Sullivan

Founder and CEO

Specialties: Mary Lou is highly skilled in the ability to determine a student’s learning style, analyze the assigned task, and match an approach. She has an extensive background in teaching children in elementary, middle, and high school level school placements and is therefore acquainted with an understanding of the sequenced demands of curriculum throughout students’ academic careers. She is highly effective at instructing beginning reading and writing skills. In addition, she instructs and designs instructional and support programs for a wide continuum of learning styles to support academic areas affected by learning or attentional issues throughout all grade levels. READ MORE


Sue Gail Spring

Senior Academic Tutor

Specialties: Sue Gail teaches reading, research skills, and writing. She encourages students to discover a love of literature which supports improvement in reading and writing. She teaches research techniques including strategies for finding and using databases and online sources while emphasizing the important tasks of first reading and assimilating. Sue Gail takes students through researching, structuring, writing, editing, and citing that is necessary in formal paper construction. Sue Gail is a master at teaching Spanish grammar at all levels. Her overriding goal is to help students feel confident and accomplished in their work since nothing motivates like success. READ MORE

Krista Irish

Senior Program Director

Specialties: Krista brings her enthusiastic “coaching” style to the instruction of standardized tests, higher math and other high school subjects. Krista has both an intuitive and structured approach to standardized test preparation. She has a unique ability to defuse anxiety and provide children with the individualized strategies and skills to maximize efforts on the important “gateway” examinations.READ MORE

Colton Turner

Program Director

Specialties: Colton works with a wide array of students, from those placed in lower elementary through college classes. He teaches organizational structure and effective work habits. Colton tutors high school level math and science, reading, history, statistics, Spanish, and psychology. He is also trained in Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach to reading instruction. Colton designs and implements programs for our distance learning students. One of Colton’s greatest gifts, beyond his infinite optimism, is his ability to instill confidence in students by identifying the fine line between what is too easy and challenging, and then tailoring his teaching approach so students achieve. READ MORE

Scott Pecaro

Program Coordinator

Specialties: Scott excels at instructing students in basic and higher level math and science courses, in addition to all levels of Spanish. His comprehensive math specialties include all basic courses as well as higher level courses including pre-calculus and calculus.  His science specialties include physics and chemistry. Scott tutors extensively in the high school and college gateway tests including the SAT, ACT, SSAT, HSPT, and ISEE.  Scott evaluates his test prep students, designs tailored strategies to maximize performance, and structures practice sessions to minimize test day anxiety. In addition, he successfully prepares students for AP Exams including Chemistry, Psychology, Statistics, Calculus, Physics B, Physics C, Physics 1 and Physics 2. READ MORE

Debbie Rowan

Program Coordinator

Specialties: Debbie works with students at every level in the humanities and the full complement of subjects at the early childhood and elementary level. She teaches organizational and study skills, and provides content area instruction for a diverse group of students with individual learning needs. In her own schooling, teaching, and parenting, she has seen first-hand the value of cultivating the inquisitiveness of students while tuning into each child’s unique gifts and potential. READ MORE

Zach Dang

Program Coordinator

Specialties: Zach works with students of all ages focusing on math, science, writing and study skills. Zach is experienced in delivering upper level math and science concepts in a clear and efficient manner. By tailoring explanations to each learning style, Zach guides his students to complete mastery of topics and builds a foundation for long-term success. READ MORE

Rachel Sullivan

Business Manager

Rachel Sullivan grew up in Southern California and in 2000 graduated from the University of Arizona with a major in Communications and a minor in Business Management. Before joining MLS, Rachel worked in a variety of insurance, medical, and technology environments in the fields of business development, marketing, sales and management.

Loretta D'ermes

Operations and Billing Manager

Loretta is a McLean native. She graduated from McLean High School, received a BBA from
James Madison University and an MBA from The George Washington University. She
previously worked in government contracting, telecommunications, and owned an
executive search firm with her husband. She was an MLS parent for 10 years before she
joined the team in 2015. She spends her free time knitting, reading and watching sports.

Louie Fur

Emotional Support Staff

Louie always comes when called and knows seven tricks including sit, stand, speak, lie down, roll over, sprawl, and, the student all time favorite, “high five”. He will perform them when assured of a treat from his owner, Colton Turner. Louie protects the office from the UPS and pizza delivery men. He is kind hearted and affectionate, possessing the innate ability to recognize when a student may need a snuggle or another form of comfort.

Duchess Sullivan

Emotional Support Staff

Duchess sometimes comes when called. She dutifully follows her owner, Mary Lou Sullivan, around the office. Though kind-hearted and sweet, Duchess’ shy nature makes winning her affection a challenge for students. However, she has formed strong bonds with many of “her” high school seniors and her pal, Louie.

Chloe Curtis

Visiting Professor

Chloe periodically visits MLS in the mornings and early afternoons. She brings an infectious energy to the office and is adored by our distance learning students. It has been rumored that Chloe is the distant relative of Louie Fur. Both were found on craigslist.

Additional Staff Members

Noah Bourlett

Assistant Program Coordinator

Daniela Rocabado

Academic Tutor

Matt Morris

Academic Tutor

Nabila Wadud

Academic Tutor

Elizabeth Foley

Academic Tutor

Evan Finnell

Academic Tutor